Our Mission

Everyone has a story, and at Man O’War Media, we’re here to help you tell yours. Our mission is to help you build a cohesive, relevant brand that is authentic to your company and puts you in the winners circle every time. 

Our Values

  • The Best
    • We strive for excellence in everything we do, because our desire is to be the best in breed. We want to partner with the best businesses and organizations, to help them bring the best products and services to people and communities around the world. 
  • People
    • We want more for people than from them. 
  • Responsibility
    • We take responsibility very seriously. We own every aspect of our business from bad ideas, to how we steward the environment. 
  • Privacy
    • We think it’s unfortunate that many will find it odd that a creative agency who does advertising and marketing values privacy. We believe privacy is a universal right, but at the same time understand at the end of the day our job is to make your business successful. That is why along with offering the traditional tools and techniques in our industry, we find equal (often better) open source tools that put you in control of your data. This allows you to maximize this precious resource, and allows us to sleep better at night.
  • Relationships
    • Focus on others. Partnerships. When you are successful, we will be successful.