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Strategic Marketing Plan


COST: $1,500-$5,000

BEST FOR: Any business that wants to make strategic, proactive decisions to move their business forward with purpose (a.k.a every business! See what we did there?)

Define your brand. Set your goals. Implement strategies.

Your strategic marketing plan crafts a story that identifies your audience, sets goals and identifies implementable strategies! The strategic marketing plan will craft a narrative to help you:

  • Every plan includes:
    • Target audience profile
    • Suggested voice & tone
    • Messaging that connects with your audiences
    • Recommendations for marketing channels
    • Recommendations for marketing strategies you can use to launch these new messages to your community
    • Lead conversion tips
    • Suggestions on communications tools that need to be created to accomplish the outlined strategies
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Brand Experience Guide


COST: $2,500-$5,000

BEST FOR: Businesses and organizations looking for fresh momentum and a renewed sense of identity

Show people who you are!

Your Brand Experience Guide will craft a narrative that’s key to keeping your audience engaged and help you grow your business.

In your Brand Experience Guide, Man O’ War Media will:

  • Affirm and document your organization’s brand identity traits
  • Develop a profile of your target audience
  • Craft messaging with your target in mind
  • Create a visual identity direction (through mood boarding)
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Full Brand Identity Development


COST: $8,000+ Get a Custom Quote!

BEST FOR: New businesses or organizations with a visual identity and logo that no longer represents who they are

We help bring your vision to life through functional and beautiful design! Through our strategic branding process, we’ll develop a full visual narrative for your business. Additionally, we can create all the elements necessary to successfully implement your brand, including a logo, visual identity guide and branding/identity unveil plan.

We’ll provide:

  • All logo files (color, b/w, reverse) in formats you’ll need (JPEG, EPS, PNG)
  • Brand identity traits
  • Target audience profile
  •  Customized Visual Identity Guide (outlines how/where/when to use the logo and all elements, including color, typeface, lock-up, etc.)
  • Implementation items- this could include business collateral, customer gifts, signage guides and design, etc.
  • Unveil plan (includes ideas, guides, suggestions, worksheets, on how to unveil the plan to your community and customers)
  • And more depending on what you need!
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Email Campaigns




Regular communication is key for effective relationships! Our team will help you develop a customized email campaign strategy to help you connect with your customers in meaningful ways. Whether weekly, monthly or quarterly, we will help you develop a plan that meets your needs and grows your customer base.

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