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Social Media Guide


COST: $1,500

BEST FOR: new organizations or businesses looking to refresh or maximize there social media budget and impact

Bringing focus and expansion to your social media presence


Algorithms, targeted audience


  • List of Hashtags
  • Social Media Hacks and Tips Sheet
  • Advertisement Goals
  • Customer Persona
    • Location, interest, age and gender
  • Social Media Advertising Budget


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Complete Social Media Management


COST: $3,000-6,000

BEST FOR: Companies looking to not just increase likes, follows and mentions, but who want to build lasting relationships with their customers

Social Media isn’t optional— it is the key to your business’ success on the Internet. With creative ingenuity and strategy, our multidisciplinary creative firm will provide a customized social media strategy to position your business for growth and help you reach your goals.

We want to help you use social media to build relationships with your target audience, meet new customers, engage your community and grow brand awareness! Your strategy on social media should include building your brand through consistently published, professionally designed, on-brand social media posts. We offer a full suite of options that can be customized to meet your needs. We’ll develop the strategy, graphic design, and write the copy for your digital advertising campaigns across Google and social media. We’ll then manage your campaign and report on the results so that you have a clear understanding of the ROI.

We provide ongoing social media support to clients with our Social Packs: a set of six or 15 professionally designed social media graphics with captions that you can reuse to strengthen your brand over time.

Whether you’re looking for tips for community engagement, a customized posting schedule or complete oversight, our team will use proven, simple strategies to increase lead generation and brand without breaking the bank.

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Custom Posts




Every business needs professional looking social media posts. Whether you are looking for a single professionally designed square social post or 30 of them, our custom posts will meet your needs.. Each one of our posts will be accompanied by supporting post text to align with your brand voice. These posts are created with the intention to be evergreen content, allowing you to use them over and over on your social channels.


  • Social Media Post(s)
    • You will receive professionally designed square posts, based on the amount of posts you purchase
  • Post Content
  • Suggested Hashtags
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Community Engagement




Engaging with your customers and followers on social media in a timely manner is key to growing your brand and reputation.

  • Comment
  • DM Responses
  • Report
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