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Communication Assessments


COST: $3,500-6,000

BEST FOR: Organizations that know something’s not working, but aren’t sure where to begin.

Uncover your top communications issues and opportunities.


Our assessment reveals the top communications areas/issues that we feel need the most time and attention for improvement. With each assessment, we teach leaders and staff new ways to organize competing messages, make better decisions to help their congregation hear what’s most important and get noticed in their community. We do a lot of research and dive below the surface to get a full picture of what’s working and what’s not. At the end of the project, you’ll have a full report that you can use to make strategic communications decisions.

Our Communication Assessments include:

  • Guest experience assessment & secret worship (online and in-person)
  • Surveying your congregation
  • Analyzing community data
  • Assessing your current communication tools (including your brand, print pieces and digital tools)
  • Interviews with staff & leaders
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COST: $1,000-9,900

BEST FOR: Businesses and teams that are looking to improve upon the work they are already doing

Invest in your team while making them more productive


Our custom tailored work shops bring the necessary training to your team and organization. Man o’ War Media will work with you to identify areas of growth, and then create the curriculum and metrics to encourage and track growth. In our workshops we can cover general communication and marketing topics like How to Win at Emailing, Effective Social Media EngagementHow to Read a Marketing Report, and virtually any other topic. But our team can also build out custom workshops around any other topic, including workshops centered around the Ennegram, Clifton Strengths Finders, MBTI, Life Mapping, or the DISC. So whether you are looking to add some variety to your typical meeting agenda or maximize your time spent on professional development. Our team of specialist work with our professional trainer to make our workshops the best.

  • Planning Meeting
    • Develop goals, decide on topics, # of workshops
  • Current Assessment
    • Measure where
  • Workshop(s)
    • In person or virtual
  • Survey
    • An end of the workshop survey
  • Ongoing Education
    • Asynchronous learning
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Technical Seminars


COST: $3,000-8,000

BEST FOR: Organizations looking to expand their offerings or add a new software

Stay up to date on cutting edge tools from subject matter experts


It is nearly impossible to stay up to date on the current tools and trends in communications, marketing, and technology, unless you dedicate yourself to being a subject matter expert. But here at Man o’ War Media we understand that you have other things that requires your focus, that is why our team not only stays up to date with these trends, we also set the pace. By bringing one of our experts in, you will receive technically precious training on the best softwares and tools to help your business stay winners.


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COST: $1,500-4,000

BEST FOR: Communication professionals and executives looking to further there leadership

Even the best needs a coach


Whether you have been a leader for a long time, or you are just starting out, our coaching program works with you to elevate your communication, management, and leadership skills. Our coach will work with you to

sounding board

As a creative agency we bring a unique perspective to how

ensure clear communication


  • 1:1 regular meetiings
  • Complete Confidentiality
  • Metrics

regular confidential meetings

focusing on measurable outcomes and targeted goals

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